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For Marriott International, differences among their suppliers is not just beneficial—it is imperative to their success. For well over 25 years, diversity and inclusion has been part of Marriott’s business model. Today, the company partners with over 4,000 diverse-owned businesses across the globe. 

In Maryland’s largest and most minority-populated city, conversations about race run neighborhood-by-neighborhood. The geography determines whether they’re typical or taboo. But in a time of cultural questioning, more and more businesses are starting and supporting the kind of dialogue that makes a difference.

The personal injury lawyers’ bar likes to try to divide the personal injury systems of the 50 United States into two different buckets — contributory negligence and comparative fault — and then make up hypothetical cases to try to portray Maryland’s contributory negligence rule as unfair or antiquated. The fact is that in the 50 states, there are 50 different liability systems.