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For Marriott International, differences among their suppliers is not just beneficial—it is imperative to their success. For well over 25 years, diversity and inclusion has been part of Marriott’s business model. Today, the company partners with over 4,000 diverse-owned businesses across the globe. 

In Maryland’s largest and most minority-populated city, conversations about race run neighborhood-by-neighborhood. The geography determines whether they’re typical or taboo. But in a time of cultural questioning, more and more businesses are starting and supporting the kind of dialogue that makes a difference.

On Wednesday, July 22, the Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission (known as the Augustine Commission) met to being its work to make Maryland's business tax policy more competitive.

Over 60 area business leaders gathered for the cybersecurity panel discussion held by the Maryland Competitiveness Coalition and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce as part of the Voice of Business – A Breakfast Speaker Series program.

Walter Hellerstein, Francis Shackelford Professor of Taxation, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Georgia School of Law and renowned expert in state tax legal matters, co-authored a brief in the Supreme Court case Comptroller of the Treasury v. Wynne on behalf of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce as amicus curiae in support of the taxpayers in Wynne.  Special point of consideration to Chamber member Herman Rosenthal for assisting on an earlier draft of the article Deciphering the Supreme Court’s Opinion in Wynne that appears in the July 2015 issue of Journal of Taxation.  Click on headline to read full article.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled in a 5 to 4 decision that a component of Maryland’s personal income tax structure is unconstitutional because it results in double taxation of income earned outside of Maryland and thus violates the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.  Comptroller of the Treasury v. Wynne, Opinion 13-485.  The ruling affirms the decision of the Maryland Court of Appeals.  This is such an important case to our State and our members that the Maryland Chamber of Commerce had filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court supporting the taxpayer’s argument.

Delegates Vote 84 to 56 in Favor of Hotel Industry Legislation - The House of Delegates approved legislation (Senate Bill 190 and HB1065) on Wednesday, April 8, that would close a sales tax loophole in order to provide parity for everyone in the business of booking hotel rooms in Maryland.

“The Maryland Chamber supports this legislation because it creates an even playing field regarding tax law between online travel companies and hotels when selling rooms in Maryland,” said Brien Poffenberger, president and CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

Senate Bill 347 – Maryland False Claim Act of 2015 is headed to the House of Delegates after the Chamber and other business groups were able to substantially amend the bill.

When Governor Larry Hogan unveiled his budget proposal on Thursday, January 22 few could have predicted that within two months, a mere 45 business days, both the House of Delegates, in an overwhelming 129-10 vote, followed by a unanimous vote in the Senate, would approve a $40.7 billion state budget.

Last year the legislature's presiding officers created the nonpartisan Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission, more commonly known as the “Augustine Commission”. The charge of the Augustine Commission, chaired by Norman Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed Martin, and made up of business and political leaders, was to find ways to improve Maryland’s business climate and grow the economy.

The Maryland Congressional Delegation Dinner was held Monday, March 9 and, for those of you who couldn’t make it, this was a dinner like no other.

As you may recall in May 2014, Former Governor O'Malley issued an Executive Order to create a taskforce to ensure retirement security for all Marylanders.