$15 minimum wage passes through the Senate

(March 15, 2019—ANNAPOLIS, Md.) Last night, the Senate passed House Bill 166 and Senate Bill 280, the $15 minimum wage bills, as they were amended in the Senate Finance Committee by a vote of 32-15.

So what’s next?

This isn’t the end of the road. The bills will now go back over to the House of Delegates. The House Bill, as amended by the Senate, will now be reviewed, again, by the House. They can elect to accept the Senate changes, or refuse to concur. If they do not accept, the bill then technically goes to a Conference Committee, where, in this instance, three members of the House Economic Matters Committee and three members of the Senate Finance Committee will meet to see if they can reach an agreement.

What about the Senate passing?

As to the Senate version, the House Economic Matters Committee can either accept the Senate changes, which means the bill is deemed “passed enrolled” and will go to the governor’s desk, or amend the bill.  Should they choose to amend the bill, it would then go back to the Senate Finance Committee to either concur or refuse to concur, which would then trigger the need for a Conference Committee.

We will continue to monitor this bill closely and keep you up-to-date, as still there is an upward climb ahead.





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