Is Maryland a top state for business?

By Kevin Rudolph

(July 18, 2018 – ANNAPOLIS, Md.) Last week, Maryland was ranked on the new CNBC survey listing America’s top states for business—and it came in 31st overall. Our state received “D” grades for infrastructure, cost of doing business and quality of life. On the flip side, we were rated  “A” for workforce, technology and innovation.

To the Maryland Chamber, these results are less than surprising. It highlights where Maryland is secure and where the state can continue to improve. We in Maryland pride ourselves on having an education system that is second to none and the Maryland Chamber continues to support the development programs that give students the skills to succeed in the workforce and take on high-skilled, high-waged positions. Read our article on P-TECH. 

CNBC’s statement that: “the workforce in the Old Line State is excellent. But it is expensive to live here,” resonates. It is expensive to live here and that is in part due to many archaic and onerous regulations and mandates that add to business expenses, which therefore add to consumer expenses.

While the cost of doing business in Maryland is high, the Maryland Chamber believes that it’s getting better. More businesses are expanding or moving back to Maryland and this is in no small part due to the work of business coalitions working together with state officials and lawmakers to eliminate unnecessary and costly laws and regulations. The Maryland Chamber feels strongly about the importance of vetting new laws and regulations to make sure they do not impede on business retention and growth.

As long as we keep working together, we are confident that Maryland will soon rank as the top state for business.





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