Maryland Chamber PAC


Together, we can make Maryland work better.

The Maryland Chamber PAC is a bipartisan political action committee aimed at strengthening advocacy efforts for pro-business policy on behalf of our members.

The Maryland Chamber PAC exists to strengthen the collective voice of the Maryland Chamber, educate political leaders about the needs of Maryland business and support Maryland’s elected legislators who are champions of the business community, private sector job creation and economic development.

How does the Maryland Chamber PAC work?

The Maryland Chamber PAC is not affiliated with any political party and is non-partisan in its support of candidates. The Maryland Chamber PAC is funded through individual contributions and the support of Maryland businesses.

The Maryland Chamber PAC is guided by the Maryland Chamber PAC Board of Trustees and an Advisory Committee, comprised of leaders in the business community, who decide how all funds are allocated.

Why contribute to the Maryland Chamber PAC?

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is the only statewide business advocacy, working to impact policies that make Maryland a better place to live and work. The Maryland Chamber supports candidates and current elected officials who understand the needs and concerns of the business community and support a pro-business environment and strong economic development policies.

How do I contribute to the Maryland Chamber PAC?

To contribute, contact us directly at Please note that the maximum contribution over a 4-year gubernatorial cycle is $6,000. The current cycle ends on December 31, 2026.*

*All contributions will be publicly reported in accordance with Maryland campaign finance laws. Contributions are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes, and contributions cannot be accepted from foreign corporations or their subsidiaries, or foreign nationals. Visit the Maryland State Board of Elections for details on contributions and transfers limits.