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Your voice matters! Contact your officials using these lists or join our Action Network and receive text and email alerts to connect with your representatives in just one click. It is critically important that Maryland job creators make their voices heard. Now more than ever, your voice can be the driving force to make Maryland the best place to work and live.




Name Title Address City Zip Phone
Larry Hogan Governor 100 State Circle Annapolis 21401 (410) 974-3901
Boyd Rutherford Lt. Governor 100 State Circle Annapolis 21401 (410) 974-3901




Name Title Address City Zip Email Phone
Nancy Kopp Treasurer Goldstein Treasury Building, 80 Calvert St. Annapolis 21401 (410) 260-7160
Peter Franchot Comptroller 301 West Preston St. Baltimore 21201 (410) 260-7801
Brian Frosh Attorney General 200 St. Paul Place Baltimore 21202 (410) 576-6300
John C. Wobensmith Secretary of State Fred L. Wineland Building, 16 Francis St. Annapolis 21401 (410) 974-5521
Rona E. Kramer Secretary of Aging 301 West Preston St., Room 1007 Baltimore 21201 (410) 767-1102
Joseph Bartenfelder Secretary of Agriculture Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. Building, 50 Harry S Truman Parkway Annapolis 21401 (410) 841-5880
David R. Brinkley Secretary of Budget & Management 45 Calvert St. Annapolis 21401 (410) 260-7041
Kelly Schulz Secretary of Commerce World Trade Center Baltimore, 401 East Pratt St. Baltimore 21202 (410) 767-6301
Carol A. Beatty Secretary of Disabilities 217 East Redwood St., Suite 1300 Baltimore 21202 (410) 767-3661
Karen B. Salmon State Superintendent of Schools Nancy S. Grasmick State Education Building, 200 West Baltimore St. Baltimore 21201 (410) 767-0462
Ben H. Grumbles Secretary of the Environment Montgomery Park Business Center, 1800 Washington Blvd. Baltimore 21230 (410) 537-3084
Ellington Churchill Jr. Secretary of General Services 301 West Preston St., Suite 1401 Baltimore 21201 (410) 767-4960
Robert R. Neall Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene Herbert R. O’Conor State Office Building, 201 West Preston St. Baltimore 21201 (410) 767-6505
Kenneth C. Holt Secretary of Housing & Community Development 7800 Harkins Road, Lanham 20706 (301) 429-7451
Lourdes R. Padilla Secretary of Human Services 311 West Saratoga St., Baltimore 21201 (410) 767-7616
Michael G. Leahy Acting Secretary of Information Technology 100 Community Place Crownsville 21032 (410) 697-9401
Sam J. Abed Secretary of Juvenile Services One Center Plaza, 120 West Fayette St. Baltimore 21201 (410) 230-3100
James E. Rzepkowski Acting Secretary of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation 500 North Calvert St., Room 401 Baltimore 21201 (410) 230-6020
Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio Secretary of Natural Resources Tawes State Office Building, 580 Taylor Ave. Annapolis 21401 (410) 260-8101
Robert McCord Secretary of Planning 301 West Preston St. Baltimore 21201 (410) 767-4510
Robert L. Green Secretary of Public Safety & Correctional Services 401 East Eager St. Baltimore 21202 (410) 339-5004
William M. Pallozzi Secretary of State Police 1201 Reisterstown Road Pikesville 21208 (410) 653-4219
Pete K. Rahn Secretary of Transportation 7201 Corporate Center Drive Hanover 21076 (410) 865-1000
George W. Owings III Secretary of Veterans Affairs 16 Francis St. Annapolis 21401 (410) 260-3838
James D. Fielder Jr. Secretary of Higher Education 6 North Liberty St. Baltimore 21201 (410) 767-3312
Maj. Gen. Linda L. Singh Adjutant General Fifth Regiment Armory, 219 29th Division St. Baltimore 21201 (410) 576-6097
Jimmy H. Rhee Special Secretary of Small, Minority, & Women Business Affairs 100 Community Place 3rd Floor Crownsville 21032 (410) 697-9600
Chris Cavey Secretary of Appointments 16 Francis St. Annapolis 21401 (410) 974-2661




Name Title Address City Zip District Location Email Phone
Delegate Adrienne Jones Speaker of the House 100 State Circle Annapolis 21401 10 Baltimore County (410) 841-3800
Senator Mike Miller President of the Senate 100 State Circle Annapolis 21401 27 Calvert, Charles & Prince George’s Counties (410) 841-3700
Delegate Kathleen Dumais House Majority Leader 6 Bladen Room 313 Annapolis 21401 15 Montgomery County (410) 841-3219
Delegate Nicholaus Kipke House Minority Leader 6 Bladen Room 212 Annapolis 21401 31B Anne Arundel (410) 841-3421
Delegate Talmadge Branch House Majority Whip 6 Bladen Room 151 Annapolis 21401 45 Baltimore City (410) 841-3398
Delegate Kathy Szeliga House Minority Whip 6 Bladen Room 212 Annapolis 21401 7 Baltimore & Harford (410) 841-3698
Senator J.B. Jennings Senate Minority Leader 11 Bladen Room 423 Annapolis 214017 7 Baltimore & Harford (410) 841-3706
Senator Douglas J.J. Peters Senate Majority Leader 11 Bladen Room 121 Annapolis 21401 13 Howard County (410) 841-3572
Senator Stephen Hershey, Sr. Senate Minority Whip 11 Bladen Room 420 Annapolis 21401 36 Caroline, Cecil, Kent & Queen Anne’s (410) 841-3639
Senator Susan Lee Senate Majority Whip 11 Bladen Room 223 Annapolis 21401 16 Montgomery County (410) 841-3102




Name Title Office Building Room City Zip Code District Phone
Andy Harris Representative Rayburn HOB 2334 Washington DC 20515 1 202-225-5311
A. Dutch Ruppersberger Representative Rayburn HOB 2206 Washington DC 20515 2 202-225-3061
John Sarbanes Representative Rayburn HOB 2370 Washington DC 20515 3 202-225-4016
Anthony Brown Representative Longworth HOB 1323 Washington DC 20515 4 202 225 8699
Steny Hoyer Representative Longworth HOB 1705 Washington DC 20515 5 202-225 4131
David Trone Representative Longworth HOB 1213 Washington DC 20515 6 202 225-2721
Elijah Cummings Representative Rayburn HOB 2163 Washington DC 20515 7 202 225-4741
Jamie Raskin Representative Cannon HOB 412 Washington DC 20515 8 202 225 5341
Senator Chris Van Hollen Senator Hart SOB 110 Washington DC 20515 202 224-4654
Senator Benjamin Cardin Senator Hart SOB 509 Washington DC 20515 202 224-4524




Chamber Last First District County Committee Phone
(410) 841
Delegate Acevero Gabriel 39 Montgomery APP x3001
Delegate Adams Christopher 37B Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico ECM x3343
Delegate Anderson Curt 43 Baltimore City JUD x3291
Delegate Anderton Carl 38B Wicomico E&T x3431
Delegate Arentz Steven 36 Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, and Caroline ECM x3543
Delegate Arikan Lauren 7 Baltimore and Harford JUD x3334
Delegate Attar Dalya 41 Baltimore City E&T x3268
Delegate Atterbeary Vanessa 13 Howard JUD x3471
Delegate Bagnall Heather 33 Anne Arundel HGO x3406
Delegate Barnes Ben 21 Prince George’s and Anne Arundel APP x3046
Delegate Barnes Darryl 25 Prince George’s Ways x3557
Delegate Barron Erek 24 Prince George’s HGO x3692
Delegate Bartlett J. Sandy 32 Anne Arundel JUD x3370
Delegate Barve Kumar 17 Montgomery E&T x3990
Delegate Beitzel Wendell 1A Garrett and Allegany APP x3435
Delegate Bhandari Harry 8 Baltimore HGO x3526
Delegate Boteler Joseph 8 Baltimore Ways x3365
Delegate Boyce Regina 43 Baltimore City E&T x3476
Delegate Branch Talmadge 45 Baltimore City ECM x3398
Delegate Bridges Tony 41 Baltimore City E&T x3283
Delegate Bromwell Eric 8 Baltimore HGO x3766
Delegate Brooks Benjamin 10 Baltimore ECM x3352
Delegate Buckel Jason 1B Allegany Ways x3404
Delegate Shaneka Henson 30A Anne Arundel x3800
Delegate Cain Alice 30A Anne Arundel Ways x3211
Delegate Cardin Jon 11 Baltimore JUD x3054
Delegate Carey Ned 31A Anne Arundel ECM x3047
Delegate Carr Alfred 18 Montgomery HGO x3638
Delegate Cassilly Andrew 35B Cecil and Harford E&T x3444
Delegate Chang Mark 32 Anne Arundel APP x3511
Delegate Charkoudian Lorig 20 Montgomery ECM x3423
Delegate Charles Nick 25 Prince George’s HGO x3707
Delegate Chisholm Brian 31B Anne Arundel HGO x3206
Delegate Ciliberti Barrie 4 Frederick and Carroll E&T x3080
Delegate Clark Jerry 29C Calvert and St. Mary’s E&T x3314
Delegate Clippinger Luke 46 Baltimore City JUD x3303
Delegate Conaway Frank 40 Baltimore City JUD x3189
Delegate Corderman Paul 2B Washington APP x3125
Delegate Cox Dan 4 Frederick and Carroll JUD x3288
Delegate Crosby Brian 29B St. Mary’s ECM x3227
Delegate Crutchfield Charlotte 19 Montgomery JUD x3485
Delegate Cullison Bonnie 19 Montgomery HGO x3883
Delegate Davis Debra 28 Charles JUD x3337
Delegate Davis Dereck 25 Prince George’s ECM x3519
Delegate Dumais Kathleen 15 Montgomery ECM x3052
Delegate Ebersole Eric 12 Baltimore and Howard Ways x3328
Delegate Feldmark Jessica 12 Baltimore and Howard Ways x3205
Delegate Fennell Diana 47A Prince George’s ECM x3478
Delegate Fisher Mark 27C Calvert ECM x3231
Delegate Fisher Wanika 47B Prince George’s JUD x3340
Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo David 15 Montgomery E&T x3186
Delegate Gaines Tawanna 22 Prince George’s APP x3058
Delegate Ghrist Jefferson 36 Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, and Caroline APP x3555
Delegate Gilchrist Jim 17 Montgomery E&T x3477
Delegate Glenn Cheryl 45 Baltimore City ECM x3257
Delegate Grammer Robin 6 Baltimore JUD x3298
Delegate Guyton Michele 42B Baltimore Ways x3793
Delegate Harrison Andrea Fletcher 24 Prince George’s E&T x3919
Delegate Hartman Wayne 38C Wicomico and Worcester JUD x3356
Delegate Haynes Keith 44A Baltimore City APP x3801
Delegate Healey Anne 22 Prince George’s E&T x3961
Delegate Hettleman Shelly 11 Baltimore APP x3833
Delegate Hill Terri 12 Baltimore and Howard HGO x3378
Delegate Holmes Marvin 23B Prince George’s E&T x3310
Delegate Hornberger Kevin 35A Cecil Ways x3284
Delegate Howard Seth 30B Anne Arundel ECM x3439
Delegate Impallaria Rick 7 Baltimore and Harford ECM x3289
Delegate Ivey Julian 47A Prince George’s Ways x3326
Delegate Jackson Michael 27B Calvert and Prince George’s APP x3103
Delegate Jacobs Jay 36 Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, and Caroline E&T x3449
Delegate Jalisi Jay 10 Baltimore E&T x3358
Delegate Johnson Steve 34A Harford HGO x3280
Delegate Jones Adrienne 10 Baltimore x3391
Delegate Kaiser Anne 14 Montgomery Ways x3036
Delegate Kelly Ariana 16 Montgomery HGO x3642
Delegate Kerr Ken 3B Frederick HGO x3240
Delegate Kipke Nicholaus 31B Anne Arundel HGO x3421
Delegate Kittleman Trent 9A Howard and Carroll APP x3556
Delegate Korman Marc 16 Montgomery APP x3649
Delegate Krebs Susan 5 Carroll HGO x3200
Delegate Krimm Carol 3A Frederick APP x3472
Delegate Lafferty Stephen 42A Baltimore E&T x3487
Delegate Lehman Mary 21 Prince George’s and Anne Arundel E&T x3114
Delegate Lewis Jazz 24 Prince George’s JUD x3691
Delegate Lewis Robbyn 46 Baltimore City HGO x3772
Delegate Lierman Brooke 46 Baltimore City APP x3319
Delegate Lisanti Mary Ann 34A Harford x3331
Delegate Long Robert 6 Baltimore Ways x3458
Delegate Lopez Lesley 39 Montgomery JUD x3021
Delegate Love Sara 16 Montgomery E&T x3454
Delegate Luedtke Eric 14 Montgomery Ways x3110
Delegate Malone Michael 33 Anne Arundel JUD x3510
Delegate Mangione Nino 42B Baltimore APP x3258
Delegate Mautz Johnny 37B Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico ECM x3429
Delegate McComas Susan 34B Harford JUD x3272
Delegate McIntosh Maggie 43 Baltimore City APP x3407
Delegate McKay Mike 1C Allegany and Washington APP x3321
Delegate Metzgar Ric 6 Baltimore HGO x3332
Delegate Miller Warren 9A Howard and Carroll ECM x3582
Delegate Moon David 20 Montgomery JUD x3474
Delegate Morgan Matt 29A St. Mary’s HGO x3170
Delegate Mosby Nick 40 Baltimore City Ways x3520
Delegate Otto Charles 38A Somerset and Worcester E&T x3433
Delegate Palakovich Carr Julie 17 Montgomery Ways x3037
Delegate Parrott Neil 2A Washington E&T x3636
Delegate Patterson Edith 28 Charles Ways x3247
Delegate Pena-Melnyk Joseline 21 Prince George’s and Anne Arundel HGO x3502
Delegate Pendergrass Shane 13 Howard HGO x3139
Delegate Pippy Jesse 4 Frederick and Carroll JUD x3118
Delegate Proctor Susie 27A Charles and Prince George’s JUD x3083
Delegate Qi Lily 15 Montgomery ECM x3090
Delegate Queen Pam 14 Montgomery ECM x3380
Delegate Reilly Teresa 35B Cecil and Harford Ways x3278
Delegate Reznik Kirill 39 Montgomery APP x3039
Delegate Rogers Mike 32 Anne Arundel ECM x3372
Delegate Rose April 5 Carroll Ways x3070
Delegate Rosenberg Samuel 41 Baltimore City HGO x3297
Delegate Saab Sid 33 Anne Arundel HGO x3551
Delegate Sample-Hughes Sheree 37A Dorcester and Wicomico HGO x3427
Delegate Shetty Emily 18 Montgomery JUD x3181
Delegate Shoemaker Haven 5 Carroll Ways x3359
Delegate Smith Stephanie 45 Baltimore City Ways x3486
Delegate Solomon Jared 18 Montgomery APP x3130
Delegate Stein Dana 11 Baltimore E&T x3527
Delegate Stewart Vaughn 19 Montgomery E&T x3528
Delegate Sydnor Charles 44B Baltimore JUD x3802
Delegate Szeliga Kathy 7 Baltimore and Harford HGO x3698
Delegate Terrasa Jen 13 Howard APP x3246
Delegate Turner Veronica 26 Prince George’s Ways x3212
Delegate Valderrama Kriselda 26 Prince George’s ECM x3210
Delegate Valentino-Smith Geraldine 23A Prince George’s APP x3101
Delegate Walker Jay 26 Prince George’s Ways x3581
Delegate Washington Alonzo T. 22 Prince George’s Ways x3652
Delegate Watson Courtney 9B Howard ECM x3077
Delegate Watson Ron 23B Prince George’s JUD x3488
Delegate Wells Melissa 40 Baltimore City E&T x3545
Delegate Wilkins Jheanelle 20 Montgomery Ways x3493
Delegate Wilson C.T. 28 Charles ECM x3325
Delegate Wivell William 2A Washington E&T x3447
Delegate Young Karen Lewis 3A Frederick HGO x3436
Delegate Young Pat 44B Baltimore APP x3544




Webinar | Creating a Culture of Service

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. /

The Maryland Chamber Foundation in partnership with BGE presents the fifth installment of the webinar series promoting equity and inclusion in the workplace.


Chamber Cup 2021

9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. / GLENWOOD, MD

Join us for the tenth annual Maryland Chamber Cup – it’s what we wait all year fore!