Augustine Commission begins its work on Maryland’s Tax Policy

On Wednesday, July 22, the Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission (known as the Augustine Commission) met to begin its work to make Maryland’s business tax policy more competitive. The July 22 meeeting was used to give the Commission members a number of presentations from the Department of Legislative Services and the Comptroller’s office, which included an overview of the State’s revenue structure, revenue estimating process and tax collection data, state and local government revenues and the State budget.  There were not any policy discussions about what tax policies could be changed or altered to make Maryland more competitive, however, those discussions among the members of the Augustine Commission are anticipated at later meetings.  The Commission did release a schedule of their upcoming meetings, which is listed below.

The Maryland Chamber has been very involved in providing recommendations to the Augustine Commission, and the Chamber is working to develop a set of recommendations to provide to the Commission through our Tax Policy Committee, which has been meeting on this issue.  If you wish to be more involved, please contact Mathew Palmer, Senior VP, Government Affairs at

Maryland Economic Development and Business Climate Commission

2015 Meeting Schedule

Note: Meeting dates and times are subject to change.  Additional dates and topics may be added as warranted.

*If Necessary





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