Benefits of social responsibility for small businesses

Support your community – and your community will support your business.

This bit of advice may sound trite, but it’s still true. Social responsibility—or the idea that companies should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society—is just good business. The community is an important part of your business success equation. Think about it. No successful small business thrived in a failing local market. While some of your customers may come from your website or social media promotions, your presence in the community can drive loyalty, trust and business your way —and in droves.

Increase your visibility.

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate—with limited resources to do it all. Some of you may be asking, “Why should I add one more thing to my to-do list? Do I really have the time to give back to my local community?” But the questions you should be asking are, “How can I add this to my to-do list?” And perhaps, “How can I afford NOT to give back to my local community?”

After all, getting involved locally is a great way to increase your visibility, without increasing your marketing budget. It builds trust and goodwill with a neighborhood market, one that has the potential to produce loyal customers and advocates for your company, spreading the word of your product or service to others in the community and beyond.

Paying it forward locally clearly has positive impacts for all parties involved.

Build your business. Build the community.

Beyond the revenue-generating benefit of community involvement, your investment in the community also sends a message to your current and potential employees. It tells them your company is invested in the local area, and invested in your employees as individuals. Creating a culture of giving back encourages your employees to get involved in the local community, which further strengthens their ties to the community as well as to your organization.

Getting involved with nonprofit organizations within the community is an excellent way for local businesses to develop and build relationships, to build trust locally, gain a following, attract loyal employees and increase your word-of-mouth advertising. It doesn’t take a lot to contribute to a good cause—think about how impactful a few cases of water would be for a charity run or how displaying your products at a community event can introduce you to an entire new customer base!

How do I get involved?

CPP Connect, a community-oriented service company, has created a platform to bring businesses and nonprofit organizations together, in one place, with a common purpose of making the community an attractive place to live and work. In just a couple of minutes, you can register, for free, at CPP Connect, and it will help you connect with organizations that need your support. You can select the type of organization you’re interested in working with and how you might be willing to help, start the conversation via the CPP Connect website, and do great things for your community!

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