Technology Internship Program

Legislation to create the Maryland Technology Internship Program passed the Maryland House of Delegates by a vote of 129-7. The legislation, HB 1317, would create a program to connect college students and veterans to internship opportunities at Maryland technology companies. Participating businesses could also qualify for reimbursement of up to 50 percent of the stipend they provide to the intern, up to $3,000 per year.

Delegate Sandy Rosenberg said he introduced the bill after reading an op-ed by UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski about the need to do more to engage students with the community, through internships and volunteer opportunities. This engagement will help students gain the real-world skills they need, help employers address their workforce needs, and help the state do more to keep these highly educated young graduates in Maryland after graduation. “This would meet both a vital educational and economic need in our state,” Rosenberg said.

The Maryland Chamber supports the bill. Maryland has a vibrant technology sector, focused on growing industries, like cybersecurity, IT services, biotech and health sciences. We established the Maryland Competitiveness Coalition to create a vision and action plan to strengthen Maryland’s competitive position, grow our economy and create jobs. One of the key focus areas of the coalition is building stronger connections between Maryland’s employer community and our exceptional public and private colleges and universities to align education investments with employer needs

“This is a well thought out program to connect the technology sector with those students looking to start a career in the field,” said Maryland Chamber Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Mathew Palmer. “For a very small amount of money, this program can help cultivate an intern pipeline to the technology sector which can fuel the growth of these industries in Maryland”

Tom Sadowski, President of the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore and a member of the Maryland Competitiveness Coalition, said that the millennial generation is the most highly educated and diverse population in our nation’s history.  By 2020, millennials will comprise almost 50 percent of the workforce. “We need to engage in a public-private effort to try to engage, attract and cultivate this kind of talent here within the State of Maryland,” Sadowski said.

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