How to build a mentorship program

By Gracye Burns

We know mentorship can make strides in improving your company’s culture, innovation, and retention. So how does one actually implement a mentoring program in their workplace?

Step 1:

Identify blind spots in your own employee make-up

Answering these questions will help you identify where to initiate the first contact between a mentor and mentee.

Step 2:

Look at new talent and veterans to see where departments and responsibilities overlap

This is a good time to approach both potential mentors and mentees to see if they would be interested in participating in a company sponsored mentorship.

After initiating the mentoring relationship, it’s your turn to monitor and check-in on the arrangement to see what is working well and what each party is enjoying and not enjoying about the program.

From there, you can change and modify as needed until you have a fully-formed mentoring program that suits and develops your company’s mission and goals—all at no additional expense to the organization—all for the benefit of your company, your mentor, and your mentee.

Why is it important? See the benefits of mentorship.





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