Chamber President/CEO Ross to Give Remarks at ‘Improving Maryland’s Business Climate’ Dinner Ross co-chairs Event

Anyone who has ever run any type of business knows that before anything – the idea, the product, the marketing – there is the hard work.  In a mere 60 days since joining the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO Christine Ross has been hard at work.

Ross has traversed this great State of ours, from Garrett County to Ocean City, and everything in between, and fallen in love the same way we did a long time ago.  However, instead of gazing at the calming Chesapeake or the endless apple orchards, Ross has spent countless days and nights listening to businesses – both big and small – who collectively serve as the backbone of Maryland.

On these Listening Tours (as Ross calls them), she heads what is hurting businesses and employees alike.  They are afraid of overly complicated statutes that cost time—time better spent on work; they are nervous about what new piece of legislation is going to tell them how they can or cannot operate the business they know better than anyone else.

Companies across the state face similar problems, but legislative interaction and advocacy are difficult—whether it is not being located in close proximity to Annapolis or the simple fact that business owners would rather concentrate on their business rather than politics.  This is where the

 Maryland Chamber of Commerce comes in.  The Chamber finds those issues that affect all businesses and advocates on behalf of them with the strength and support of its over 700 member coalition.  Also, it serves to inform legislators and the public about how to make businesses thrive so that the citizens of Maryland can thrive.

The Maryland Chamber, with its decades of history, does not exist alone.  Over the years, it has maintained and nutured relationships which serve to support the Chamber’s missions and its members.  The invitation, by the Maryland Institute of Public Policy, for Ross to serve as co-chair of the dinner event and deliver remarks at their 15th anniversary celebration shows the importance the Chamber places on its relationships and their symbiotic nature.  The invitation also highlights one of the most important roles the Maryland Chamber serves—to connect legislators and businesses with the most accurate and up-to-date research available.

Ross was honored to have been asked to be a part of such a well-deserved celebration and wishes the Institute many more years to come.





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