Chamber Update: January 17, 2023

January 17, 2023

OpEd | With a new dawn comes opportunity — if we work together

In last week’s The Daily Record, our President & CEO Mary Kane discusses the upcoming legislative session and how with great change comes great opportunity.

“As we ready ourselves for the 2023 legislative session in Maryland, a new dawn is truly on the horizon,” said Kane. “With the election of Wes Moore as our incoming governor and the turnover of so many executive office and committee leadership positions, we can expect a legislative session chock full of change. But with change comes opportunity.”


Letter to our members | The 2023 Legislative Session begins today

Last Wednesday marked the start of the 445th Maryland legislative session. Mary Kane presents our 2023 legislative priorities and challenges members to become involved in advocacy efforts.


Webinar | Understanding Global Fuel Markets with API’s Chief Economist

What is the state of the current fuel markets, and what factors ultimately influence pricing?

Dr. Dean Foreman, the American Petroleum Institute’s chief economist, and Rob Jennings, policy analyst at the American Petroleum Institute, joined us in early January to discuss global and U.S. economic developments in context with the markets for oil and natural gas, current geopolitical developments and regional petroleum supply issues.

In case you missed it, watch the full program here:

Member Spotlight | Shawe Rosenthal

A Chamber member since 1977, Shawe Rosenthal LLP is one of the first law firms in the country devoted exclusively to the representation of management in labor and employment matters. From their inception in 1947 in Baltimore, Shawe Rosenthal decided to remain a boutique practice, select and centralized, rather than expand into regional offices. This philosophy has contributed to a professional excellence that has attracted clients from across the nation.

“Our membership with the Maryland Chamber is imperative for our firm as we seek to have a voice on critical labor and employment matters,” said Fiona Ong, partner at Shawe Rosenthal and executive committee member of the Maryland Chamber Board of Directors. “The Labor & Employment Committee has had a direct and significant impact on the workplace laws in Maryland. We have successfully proposed legislation to revise certain laws, suggested revisions to pending bills and fought problematic bills – all to protect the legitimate and practical interests of employers, while balancing the needs of employees.”

Resource | Maryland Human Resources Manual, 15th edition

The 15th edition is now available! Written in plain English by top employment lawyers and Maryland Chamber members Shawe Rosenthal LLP, the HR Library helps employers navigate the pitfalls and traps in the employment law jungle.

With this manual, you’ll know what to do, how to do it, and why when it comes to creating company policies and assembling employee handbooks. It is your one-stop resource for assembling an employee handbook and easily accessing important forms. The Human Resources Manual is available as a download so you can easily personalize and print what you need with a simple click of a button.


Exclusive Event | Meet the State

Less than 10 tickets remain!

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s Meet the State is the premier, early-session gathering of legislative and state government leaders.

Every session presents an opportunity to educate lawmakers on the priorities of the business community and to share how businesses are driving the economy, advancing economic success and creating Maryland jobs. It also affords us the opportunity to raise the challenges being faced by employers and to work collaboratively toward solutions that make Maryland the best place to live, work and own a business.


Meet the Chamber | Hannah Allen, Government Affairs Associate

Hannah joined our government affairs team in December 2022 and has hit the ground running!

Prior to joining the Chamber, Hannah served as policy advisor in Governor Hogan’s office from April 2019 to December 2022. She directly supported the deputy chief of staff focusing on policy issues including environment, agriculture, natural resources, energy, planning, lottery & gaming and more.

Hannah and her husband live in Annapolis, where they enjoy exploring the outdoors, horseback riding, playing lacrosse, dining downtown and spending time with family.

Questions? Contact us at or (410) 269-0642.





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