Congressional Delegation Honors Chamber President

Maryland’s Congressional Delegation recognized retiring Maryland Chamber President/CEO Kathy Snyder during the Chamber’s annual Congressional Dinner earlier this week. 

Senator Barbara Mikulski praised Snyder as the “First Lady of Maryland Business,” and presented her with a eagle pin that was adapted from a brooch created in 1967 to honor U.S. first ladies. Mikulski also presented Snyder with a certificate on behalf of the delegation in recognition for her 14 years of leadership and collaboration as President of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. 

Senator Ben Cardin thanked Snyder’s for her leadership in creating the Maryland Chamber’s annual Congressional Delegation Dinner to strengthen the relationship between the State’s business community and its congressional delegation. 

“The other delegations around the nation don’t have the same relationship that our delegation has with the Chamber,” Senator Ben Cardin said. “It’s a very open exchange of views and it is very much appreciated by all. We don’t always agree on every issue, but we know where we stand, and we know we can get reliable information about Maryland business from the Maryland Chamber.”

Earlier this year, Snyder announced that she will retire on June 30, 2014. 





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