Cyber Security: A National Imperative

An update from Art Jacoby 

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce encourages all business owners to take appropriate measures to protect your business from cybersecurity threats. This is a national imperative because cyber attacks are escalating and our adversaries are becoming more sophisticated, difficult to stop or even detect. While breaches of large companies like Target and Yahoo dominate media reporting, 71% of cyber attacks are directed to businesses with fewer than 100 employees (Forbes).

Get the Facts

Chamber member Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report is perhaps the most exhaustive available on the cyber landscape and is filled with enlightening information. Review the report to get a full understanding of the current environment. Here are just a few of the key findings:

Get the Planning Tools

We are pleased to provide you with 2 downloadable documents to begin planning and executing better protection right now. One is a summary of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework and the second is the Center for Cyber Action (CCA’s) 20 Critical Security Measures. Together, they provide you with excellent checklists to engage in actionable discussion with your technical teams and service providers. Tech business advisor, cyber columnist and Maryland Chamber member Art Jacoby created these valuable tools to make protecting your business a practical and straightforward process. Let’s raise our CQ (cyber intelligence) and be safe!

Get Help right here in Maryland: The $1B Maryland Cyber Jobs Campaign

In addition, the Maryland Competitiveness Coalition has identified cybersecurity to be a growth opportunity for our state.  Cyber is not just related to federal contracting – it impacts every business and non-profit entity, as well as consumers. You are strongly encouraged you to purchase your cybersecurity solutions from Maryland-based cyber companies and help create 10,000 new cyber jobs right here in our own state. Art Jacoby’s Maryland Commercial Cyber Directory has 70+ excellent cyber companies who are ready to help you plan and execute your cyber risk management strategies. Please begin a dialogue with them. Any questions? Art Jacoby will be delighted to assist at no cost:

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