Keeping your business cyber safe

By Kevin Rudolph

(April 25, 2018, ROCKVILLE, Md.) Ninety-five percent of hacks into your organization’s network will happen for two reasons: staff error and outdated software. Attendees a the Cybersecurity for SMBs: Protecting Your Business left Wednesday’s event armed with knowledge to keep their businesses safe.

The Maryland Chamber, the Maryland Department of Commerce, and the University of Maryland, University College  brought together experts and business leaders to discuss the new online threats businesses face everyday and how to respond to them.

Highlights included the U.S. Secret Service sharing stories of bad actors, or someone who infiltrates systems and data banks with malicious intent, and how to stay away from them. For example, did you know that Friday afternoons are the most susceptible time for businesses to fall prey to phishing attacks? Cyber criminals know that employees are trying to clear their inboxes on Friday afternoon because they leave for the weekend and often are not as careful when clicking on end of the work week emails.

Now you know, but do you know what to do?

Train your employees. In addition to checking your security settings, make sure all your employees are educated on the threats that exist and how they can be cyber safe. All a cyber criminal needs is one weak link and an entire business can be crippled.

Learn more tricks at the next program in our Cyber Series—stay tuned for more information.

Christine Ross, President & CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce welcoming panelists and participants to Cybersecurity for SMBs: Protecting Your Business.





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