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Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services – Don’t Be Afraid, but They Are Coming Together

Blog post by David Eisner

David Eisner founded Dataprise in 1995 and has led its growth from tiny technology start-up to recognized leader in providing managed IT services to small and medium-size businesses. An Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award® recipient, Mr. Eisner oversees Dataprise’s strategic vision and development. Mr. Eisner is a past awardee of The Tech Council of Maryland’s Executive of the Year and MSPmentor’s 250 Top People in Managed Services. In 2015, Mr. Eisner wrote Build Your Business Not Your IT Department: A Guide to Selecting the Right Technology Partner, a guidebook for small to medium-sized business on how to select the right IT partner. The book is available at In 2018, Mr. Eisner was honored with the inaugural MSP 501 Lifetime Achievement Award from Channel Futures.

As a haven for all things spooky, October holds many titles. Possibly a lesser-known title is that of Cybersecurity Awareness month. With 43% of all cyber breaches involving small-to-medium-sized businesses (2019 Verizon DBIR), it has become more necessary than ever for businesses to develop strong cyber hygiene and defense skills.


Going on 25 years of industry expertise, my firm, Dataprise has been an active participant in the evolution of IT managed services. That is, providing support and management service to SMB customers so they don’t have to build their own internal IT departments. But only in the past few years has cybersecurity been brought to the forefront of IT managed service providers (MSPs) like Dataprise.


MSPs can no longer avoid the issue of cybersecurity and the role it plays in protecting their clients. In 2017 we launched Dataprise Cyber: a part of our business dedicated only to the information security needs of our clients. We discovered that few MSPs have formalized a dedicated resource to cybersecurity. Dataprise Cyber features that dedicated resource -, our Cyber Strategic Operations Center (SOC), whose sole mission is to meet the security needs head-on of the SMB clients we serve. 


Dataprise Cyber also represents a fundamental shift in the managed service provider (MSP) space, to the managed security services provider (MSSP) space. Many MSPs have begun to see the value in providing cybersecurity services, but with Dataprise Cyber, 24/7 security monitoring and support along with an attitude of continuous improvement drive our SOC to deliver an unprecedented level of coverage. With this resource, it allows us to focus on the immediate Cybersecurity needs of clients without the tangle of other integrated services.


For a small business owner, it’s not enough to take cyber threats day-by-day. Much like you might alarm a physical store or building, your data and equipment require certain protections. Proactivity is key to reducing the likelihood of a crippling cyber-attack. 4 out of 5 SMBs have reported that malware dodges their antivirus (Keeper Security/Ponemon Institute), so even the traditionally reliable technologies are being defeated more than ever. 


In 2018, 66% of SMBs were afflicted with a cyberattack (Keeper Security/Ponemon Institute). From the smallest local florist to some of our larger tech neighbors, the need for cybersecurity is the same. No longer is the argument “I have nothing good to steal!” a valid one. With data in all forms a currency in its own right, value is relative. 


Regardless of whether cybersecurity services are in your 2020 budget, please take October to continue to keep cybersecurity top-of-mind, and utilize all resources available to you to ensure your continued cyber resilience.

Click here to download the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber and IT Report.





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