Governor Larry Hogan shared the stage with former Senator Clarence Mitchell IV of “The C4 Show.”

Empowering the business community

(COLUMBIA, Md. – September 24, 2018) — In order to speak up, first you need to be informed.

Attendees at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Business Policy Conference spent the day getting informed last Thursday, diving deeper into the policy issues that affect the business community. Topics of discussion, led by expert panelists and speakers, included the impact of federal tax legislation, how tariffs affect Maryland business, ways to address the opioid epidemic and how to address and answer our planet’s environmental concerns, among others.

Talk of education and workforce development, which overlapped most panels, was the hot topic of the day. Through Humanim’s inspiring presentation, attendees learned how to engage in the community through impactful partnerships. The local nonprofit shared its mission to ‘support and empower individuals who face social or economic challenges’ by highlighting their community immersive programs like Brick + Board. Brick + Board repurposes building materials, that would have ended up in Maryland’s landfills, into beautiful furniture. It’s also a workforce training program, employing newly-trained Baltimoreans that may have had barriers to employment. As is the trend with Humanim programs, it hits on environmental, community and social impact.

In a wildly popular session, former governors Parris Glendening and Robert Ehrlich entertained attendees as they discussed how politics have become more polarized. While they have different viewpoints about issues, such as minimum wage and paid sick leave, they talked about the importance of compromise and coming together to accomplish real, effective political change.

Glendening and Ehrlich weren’t the only governors in the building talking politics. Governor Larry Hogan chatted with former Senator Clarence Mitchell IV of “The C4 Show,” question and answer style. With a large focus on workforce development, much of the conversation detailed bringing P-TECH to Maryland, increasing accountability for state taxpayer dollars and bettering the state through bipartisan solutions.

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