Atlanta, GA

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is hosting a multi-day strategy session that brings business leaders and early childhood education advocates from five state coalitions together with national partners representing 29 communities across the county to discuss business investments in early childhood education. This session will provide an opportunity for early education advocates and business leaders to hear case studies of chamber and business success, learn from one another, and share common challenges and solutions.

In bringing these two very different groups together, the hope to achieve the following:

  • Build relationships between state and local chambers, early childhood education state coalitions, and early childhood education community partners.
  • Provide opportunities for chamber representatives and early childhood education partners to learn about different ways businesses have addressed the needs of young children and their families, identify shared goals and challenges, and problem solve solutions.

Maryland Chamber’s Kevin Rudolph is excited to attend this event and share his insights and feedback in our next Maryland Chamber Foundation newsletter.