11 AM - 12 PM
Virtual Event

The Forces Shaping the Future of Work – And How Employers Are Responding

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with UnitedHealthcare, presents the third installment of our four-part webinar series supporting whole person wellness as a corporate model for success.

In this episode: In the wake of COVID-19, the Great Resignation, social justice issues, and rising inflation, workplaces are having to fundamentally shift how they operate — from greater flexibility and financial wellness to health equity and social connectedness. In this webinar, we’ll explore how employers are responding to these changes and how you can adopt a greater holistic definition of wellness to meet employee needs.

Experts from Advisory Board will discuss the trends and data behind the current state of our workforce, and how companies can adapt to attract and retain talent while ultimately improving business performance.


Thank you to our webinar sponsor:

United Healthcare

Sally Kim is the director of health plan research at Advisory Board. In her work with health plan leaders, she has led research on product design, member experience and Medicaid managed care. Prior to joining Advisory Board, Sally worked as a research fellow at Close Concerns, a diabetes market research firm. She graduated from Dartmouth College with bachelor’s degrees in biology and psychology.


Laura Wilson is a healthcare strategist and researcher with a passion for making the U.S. healthcare system work smarter and more effectively for everyone. She currently serves as managing director at Advisory Board, advising health systems, health plans, large employers, life sciences organizations and health tech companies on issues of strategy, engagement and performance management. Laura holds a master’s in public health from the University of Pittsburgh.