Foundation Update | December 22, 2022

December 22, 2022

Opportunity | 2023 Teacher Externship Program 

“Good things happen to those who go out and chase the opportunity.” – Mark Briggs, EVP, The Bowers Group

Opportunity is knocking to become involved in the 2023 Teacher Externship Program, a unique, immersive four-week summer program that builds bridges between educators and Maryland businesses to empower students with knowledge on future careers.

Help shape Maryland’s future workforce and host a teacher in Summer 2023!



Upcoming | National Civics Bee

We are thrilled to partner with The Civic Trust to once again bring the National Civics Bee to Maryland in 2023.

Look for an official announcement in early 2023 on this year’s competition, which will engage Maryland middle school students to explore civics topics and learn what it takes to be engaged citizens.

Ready to test your civics knowledge? Take this brief quiz to see how well you stack up!


Appreciation | Sheely Murthy

Sheela Murthy, Immediate Past Chair

This month, Sheela Murthy, Founder and president of the Murthy Law Firm, will roll off the Chamber Foundation Board. Sheela was an integral part of the initial push in 2017 to reignite the Foundation after many dormant years, and we want to recognize her for all she has done for both the Maryland Chamber Foundation and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

“As the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce from 2015-2017, I was excited with the Chamber’s potential to support policies for the greater good of businesses and the larger community,” said Murthy. “The tragic events with the death of Freddie Gray made it even more urgent to do something. In finding out that there was an existing Foundation entity that had never been in operation, I decided with a small group of business leaders, to resuscitate the Chamber Foundation. A boon for us was in finding Whitney Harmel who took charge with the Teacher Externship program and built it to become so successful. We are just getting started. I have full faith and confidence that the Chamber Foundation, with Whitney Harmel as our inaugural Executive Director and her team along with our dedicated Board, will continue to impact lives in deep and meaningful ways, helping teachers, students, and their families, and helping businesses find qualified local talent. The classic win-win all around. Here’s to the Chamber Foundation continuing to shine and making all of us proud for decades to come not just in Maryland but having an impact across the country and across the globe!”

Thank you, Sheela, for your vision and your invaluable support!

Resource | Using strategies today that build the workforce of the future

Employers nationwide are struggling to find the workers they need to fill their open positions.

Today’s challenging labor market demands employers build solid early talent recruitment strategies even in the midst of talent shortages. Learn about three lessons ways employers can build their future workforce — even in a talent shortage — and succeed in today’s labor market.



In depth | Breaking down walls to create “light bulb” moments for my students

Patrick Dougherty, college and career development teacher at Parkville High School in Baltimore County, shares his experience as a Teacher Extern at Hatzel & Buehler in summer 2022.

The externship was eye-opening as he learned the skills and training needed for careers in the electrical field, and how he can best advise his graduating seniors on all their career options.




Questions? Contact us at or (410) 269-0642.

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