Maryland Chamber Foundation



Build a stronger future for Maryland.

Established in 1987, and reignited in 2017, the Maryland Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that focuses on the research and educational objectives of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. We support research on issues important to businesses, including analyses of the Maryland economy and business climate. This research drives solutions in education, talent pipeline, and workforce development. The Foundation focuses on building partnerships to leverage and enhance existing programs, improving the connection between business, education and all Marylanders. The Maryland Chamber Foundation is geared to drive economic competitiveness and success, so that Maryland keeps moving forward.

Our mission

The Maryland Chamber Foundation supports sustainable solutions that drive Maryland’s future economy including: talent, education, innovation, economic diversity, infrastructure, business climate, governance and quality of life.

Our message

Policymakers and the public tend to focus too much on the next four years and not enough on the next four generations. Maryland’s business community needs original ideas to tackle the state’s unique current and future challenges. It’s time to share a new vision for success: an innovative, all-industry, all-encompassing approach that drives, with focus and resolve, toward greater growth.

Our programs

Learn more about the Maryland Chamber Foundation’s initiatives and priorities:

Teacher Externship Program

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