Franchot Promotes Post Labor Day School Start Date

Comptroller Peter Franchot kicked off a “Let Summer Be Summer” petition drive earlier this month on the Ocean City Boardwalk. His goal is to collect 10,000 signatures in support of a campaign to start Maryland public schools after Labor Day and deliver the list of supporters to lawmakers when they reconvene in January. 

“Increasingly, the end-of-summer vacation no longer happens because of decisions to begin school a week, or even ten days, before Labor Day,” Comptroller Franchot said. “This not only cuts into one last chance for Marylanders to spend time together as a family, but it also negatively impacts small businesses throughout our state. We all need to do what we can to support small businesses and promote economic activity. To continue as we have causes unnecessary harm to our economy for no good reason.”

The Maryland Chamber is active in a coalition that has been advocating for a start date for public schools after Labor Day, because of the economic benefit which employers and the state would realize from the change. In May, a task force created to study a post Labor Day start date for Maryland schools supported the idea by an 11-4 vote. 

Last August, the Comptroller released a study by the Bureau of Revenue Estimates which found that a post Labor Day start date would result in $74.3 million in direct economic activity through increased tourism and family recreational activity. Maryland’s vacation destinations, such as Ocean City, Deep Creek Lake, Historic Annapolis, and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, make tourism the fourth largest industry in the State, and that is why this minor change is so important to the Maryland Chamber.      

The Chamber will continue to actively support this effort to mandate a post Labor Day start-date for public School, both with the Administration and in the legislature. For more information contact Mathew Palmer

PHOTO: Comptroller Franchot is joined by Ocean City Mayor, Rick Meehan and State Senator James N. Mathias. Citing the benefits to Maryland families, small businesses, teachers and tourism, the Comptroller’s aim is to collect 10,000 signatures in support of a campaign to start Maryland public schools after Labor Day. 





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