Full color printing company sees the value of green

By Christine Collins

(Aug. 15, 2017 – OWINGS MILLS, Md.) — Strategic Factory prints stuff. Big stuff. Little stuff. Envelopes. Letters. Brochures. Programs. Signs of all shapes and sizes. Even realistic, if one-dimensional, life-sized cutouts of humans. There’s almost nothing you could want printed that Strategic Factory can’t do. That means literal lots of paper products and ink.

So how does a printer like that—a business that has grown exponentially since its inception in 1999—stay on Mother Nature’s good side?

The 11-year member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce has a few answers to that question.

“Consumers today are environmentally conscious and expect more from innovative, responsible companies,” said Strategic Factory Owner and CEO Keith Miller. “Green initiatives have a positive impact on our health as well as the health of future generations.”

To start, Strategic Factory offers its clients the option of recyclable post-consumer paper—paper that’s already been reincarnated once. It can be a bit more expensive, but environmentally conscious clients might find it worth the cost, especially since it helps them stay green, too.

The company recycles eight tons of paper every month. According to the company, that saves more than 1,600 trees, 288 cubic yards of landfill space, and almost 673,000 gallons of water per year.

And that’s not the end of the paper trail. The company has a partnership with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit whose founders saw the human toll of deforestation in the Philippines more than 40 years ago and set out to make sure farmers in deforested areas worldwide could regain work, livestock feed, food for their families, saleable products, and sustainable farming techniques. To date, Strategic Factory has donated more than 50,000 trees to the organization.

“We hope to inspire others in our industry to practice green printing alternatives,” Miller said. “We plan on continuing our relationship with Trees for the Future for years to come.”

Then there’s the less obvious material.

Printing is typically done on heavy metal plates. But Strategic Factory works with recyclable metals, cutting down on dangerous waste. That initiative is multiplied with the use of soy-based ink, which eliminates the threats to soil and water posed by chemicals and alcohols in more traditional inks. That leads not only to a healthier environment, but healthier people, too.

Even Strategic Factory’s building is green. A few years ago, the company invested in a solar array for its roof. Those panels convert to 100 kilowatts of energy, keeping costs low while decreasing fossil fuel use.

“It’s our responsibility to ensure the world is a better place for our children,” Miller said.

When it comes to Mother Nature, Strategic Factory responds to requests the same way as they respond to their clients: “Can do. Will do. Happy to!”





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