The Maryland business community: Thinks locally, acts generously

Blog post by Christine Ross

Christine Ross, the president and CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, has 20 years of leadership experience in the business community. She is a visionary coalition builder guiding the Maryland Chamber’s efforts to improve competitiveness, attract and retain talent, grow jobs, engage the community and provide legislative advocacy.

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is a membership made up of businesses that are rooted in collaboration and service to others. They think locally, act generously and give selflessly — making them vital to the cities and towns where they’re located.

Proud of our member businesses, my staff and I coined the term “Good Work” to describe the many ways they serve their communities.

Through behind the scenes interviews, compelling videos and the power of social media, our team has helped tell stories of the “Good Work” happening all across the State of Maryland. Over the past two years, we have published articles highlighting the corporate social responsibility efforts of more than 45 Maryland Chamber members in over 15 industries.

By focusing on the good, we have been able to portray these businesses beyond their bottom lines. We have helped reveal that most put that money back into the people and communities around them, and that some are even top philanthropists in the Baltimore area.

I encourage you to download our Good Work publication, a sampling of stories that show just how dedicated Maryland businesses are to the success of their communities. In addition, you will find a list of the leading philanthropic member organizations and a special section on the progression of P-TECH.

As we continue to shine a light on fruitful business-to-community partnerships, I look forward to sharing the stories of those who are making a real difference for Marylanders.






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