Guest Blog: Encouraging positive company culture through human resources

Blog post by Eric Levitas

Levitas is passionate about helping clients no matter the challenge. As strategic account manager at Mosaic Learning, Eric uses his energized personality and willingness to listen to develop solutions that move the needle for clients. He brings three years of successful logistics experience from his time spent previously at UPS managing the optimization of multimillion-dollar clients supply chain while focusing on their marketing strategy to grow the bottom line.  Additionally, Eric has five years of golf fitting expertise as a master club fitter for Titleist and is himself an avid golfer. 

The human resources department within Mosaic Learning does a fantastic job at finding and retaining top talent from around the country. Being with the company for less than a year, I have noticed, in any place of business, there will be a unique work culture and that culture can depend on many different variables. We pride ourselves on our culture and employee development. Let’s talk about a few ways Mosaic Learning encourages positive culture.


At the Mosaic Learning headquarters, it is an open space concept. No one is enclosed into stale cubicles and secluded. This encourages employee interaction and the feeling of freedom throughout the day. In addition to that feeling of freedom, employees are encouraged to personalize their work space. Mosaic also provides a game room. We believe that the best productivity comes from happy and rested employees. Through offering the game room, fully equipped with Game Cube, Nintendo, a pool table and ping pong table, we believe we can accomplish that productivity. While Mosaic does have an awesome game room, that technology goes beyond just the game room. Mosaic believes to be successful with projects and sales, that employees should be equipped with swag and new tech to enhance performance and provide support.


When coming into any new job, often the training can be the most daunting part. Here, at Mosaic Learning, we strive to alleviate that stress. Our training procedures are “sticky.” What that means is that they are quick but stick easily. We provide online training modules that are quick to take and easy to retain. We call this micro-learning. The training goes beyond job function and delves into the history of the company and the value of our work culture. It is always available for retake as reinforcement of education is key to us.


Another beautiful attribute of Mosaic Learning’s HR Department, is the open-door policy. They are always available to talk about whatever needs or concerns the employee may have. Mosaic welcomes ideas, suggestions and personal business development conversations.


Some might say this part of the conversation is the most important; the wonderful payroll and often confusing benefits. Mosaic Learning streamlines the conversation to eliminate the confusion. They hold training seminars when something new comes up and during every fiscal year. They also provide accessible information regarding health, dental, and vision plans. All of this can be found through Mosaic Learning’s easy access online tools.

We especially know the importance of a strong work culture. Our HR department is considered the heart of our company, when that is going strong the rest of our corporate body thrives!






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