Help Protect Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund

On August 18, Secretary of State John McDonough certified ballot language for two constitutional amendments to appear on the November General Election Ballot.  One of the amendments is a measure aimed at protecting Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) from being raided for non-transportation purposes, a key issue for the business community.  Question 1, if approved, will provide constitutional protections for the TTF by requiring the Governor to issue an Executive Order declaring a fiscal emergency and a three-fifths majority vote of both houses of the Maryland General Assembly before any funds could be transferred.

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce, a supporter of Question 1 and an advocate for the protection and restoration of “trust” in the often-raided TTF, has recently joined a coalition with other like-minded individuals and organizations to help advocate for the passage of this important measure. 

The Coalition to Protect Maryland’s Transportation Fund supports the passage of this constitutional amendment on the 2014 Maryland General Election ballot to create a “lock box” on the TTF to ensure that Maryland’s dedicated transportation funds are used for transportation purposes only.

We believe that protecting the TTF is essential to the growth and sustainability of Maryland businesses and the quality of life for all Marylanders. Therefore, we urge you to encourage your employees to vote FOR Question 1 on November 4th.

For more information about Question 1 and the Coalition, please click here.

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