Nominate an Exceptional Leader for this Year’s Awards

As an expansion upon what was previously known as the Business Hall of Fame Awards, Inspire MD is a formal evening designed to honor some of Maryland’s most exceptional leaders and celebrate the unique ways businesses are strengthening Maryland’s business community.

In support of this special celebration, the Maryland Chamber is seeking nominations for recipients of the 2019 Inspire MD Awards. If you know an aspiring leader deserving of these prestigious awards, submit a nomination today.

The top 3 finalists of the Innovative Wellness Award, Inspire MD Award and Rising Star Award will receive two complimentary tickets to the event and the winner will be announced on site.


Prominent CEOs and leaders are inducted into the prestigious Maryland Business Hall of Fame for their outstanding leadership and contribution to Maryland business and communities. The contributions of these individuals go well beyond the bottom line. They are the best in Maryland’s business community and prioritize their civic and philanthropic duties. They are masters of leadership and bring not only their businesses greater success through their hard work and dedication, but also their employees, communities, and colleagues.

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INSPIRE MD AWARD – 1 recipient

Workforce development initiatives are imperative to strengthen the talent pipeline in Maryland. Whether you are a business that supports programs and initiatives to better the workforce or are an organization that is solely dedicated to educating our future leaders and equipping them with the skills necessary for success, you are doing your part in creating a stronger Maryland.

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Health and wellness are imperative in today’s workforce. Some businesses have exceeded expectations by making access to health and wellness engaging and seamless for employees. This is often achieved through programs that offer health care allowances, flexible schedules, on-site options, nutritional snacks, gym memberships, and more. The company nominated should support their employees with an innovative and engaging approach on overall health and wellness—improving the wellbeing of their employees and, in turn, the community.

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RISING STAR AWARD – 1 recipient

The Rising Star Award honors a motivated future leader inspiring today’s business community. This individual is driven and willing to do the hard work to propel their business, employees or colleagues, and community to even greater success. This individual has demonstrated tremendous growth, an upward trajectory, and embodies the future of Maryland business.

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Attendees, without a doubt, will walk away from this event feeling truly INSPIRED.

Nominations must be submitted electronically using the links above by 5 p.m. on Friday, February 22, 2019.

The recipients of the Business Hall of Fame Award and Public Service Award* will be notified in advance of the event. The top 3 finalists of the Inspire MD Award, Innovative Wellness Award, and Rising Star Award will be invited to attend with a guest, and the winner will be announced on site.

For more information about Inspire MD, including event sponsorship, contact Marie Rau, Director, Marketing & Events, at



*Each year, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors selects a recipient for the Public Service Award. The Public Service Award honors a singular outstanding public servant for her or his contributions to help advance Maryland’s economy and quality of life. Without question, this is an elite but essential group of dedicated individuals.