Need talent? Develop an internship program

(December 7, 2017–ANNAPOLIS, Md.)–You’re looking for an intern for next semester, but college students have already moved on to thinking about their winter breaks. If you’re behind the curve, how do you make sure you have an effective program?

Interns are not right for every organization, but every organization can create a positive environment for an intern. To understand reasons for internships from both the company and student perspectives, consider the following factors before you commit to an internship program. Include in the discussion as many people in your organization as you can—especially in the executive level and in the departments where interns may work.

One of the biggest mistakes an employer can make is to mishandle an internship program. If they feel pushed aside, minimized or irrelevant, employers cannot develop a pipeline of potential employees and the interns cannot learn.

Members can find more perspective on effective internship programs by logging on to and clicking on Internship Toolkit in the right-side menu.

Whether you are a member of the Maryland Chamber or not, you are invited to the Total Internship Management Workshop at the University of Baltimore on Jan. 18 to learn other internship development approaches.

If you attend, you will also receive FREE software to manage your intern projects and programs

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is a presenting sponsor of the Total Internship Management Workshop.





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