Maryland biopharma companies—manufacturing miracles

Blog post by Whitney Harmel

Whitney Harmel is the director of strategic partnerships at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. Through her career history and past role as chair of the Emerging Leaders United Council, she has over a decade of sales, leadership, and relationship-building experience.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Jeff Galvin, the founder and CEO of American Gene Technologies. Jeff, who exudes passion for gene therapy and more importantly, for people, spoke to the advancement of immunotherapies and emphatically stated that the cure for HIV is right around the corner.

I repeat, the cure for HIV is right around the corner. Let that sink in.

Home to more than 2,850 biotech and life sciences companies, Maryland is on the front line of developing lifesaving vaccines and unparalleled innovations. Growth within the region is rapid—and the results are revolutionary.

All across the state, this industry is manufacturing miracles. Pete Buzy’s team of scientists at Paragon Bioservices are leaders in developing vaccines for Salmonella, Ebola and Cholera. At Emergent Biosolutions, heroes wear lab coats instead of capes as they work to prevent infectious diseases like Anthrax, Smallpox and Typhoid. Meanwhile, AstraZeneca continues to make significant breakthroughs with 150 projects in its research and development pipeline.

Just look at all of the entrepreneurs innovating at the University of Maryland BioPark in Baltimore and the countless biotech companies flocking to Montgomery County, the heart of the BioHealth Capital Region.

Twenty-percent of the entire world’s top influencers in vaccine development are located in the State of Maryland and momentum is building. As the industry continues to expand, the advocacy efforts of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce will help enable its ability to innovate and thrive.

We understand that new laws can support or threaten the upward trajectory of the biopharma and life sciences industry in Maryland. Focused on issues like tax credits and regulatory oversights, our Health Care and Biopharma Policy Committee works to ensure that the industry’s legislative priorities are heard in Annapolis, where it matters most. We’ve also created a comprehensive report where you can download the top five bills from the 2019 session that will impact the industry.

The Maryland Chamber will continue to advocate for companies that are producing lifesaving treatments and cures in our state, but we need your help. A business environment that removes roadblocks and leads to greater innovation is one we must create together. Investing in the Maryland Chamber and joining us in our advocacy efforts will continue to pave the way for advancements in the biopharma industry in Maryland.

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