Maryland Chamber Foundation Launches National Civics Bee

February 22, 2022

Contact: Eleanor Goedeke, Director of Marketing & Communication
(410) 269-0642 x 1120

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland Chamber Foundation proudly announces the launch of the 2022 National Civics Bee, an initiative aimed at encouraging more young Americans to engage in civics and contribute to their communities. The event is one of six pilot programs organized by The Civic Trust of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The competition, sponsored in Maryland by Amazon, will engage middle schoolers to become better informed about American democracy, to engage respectfully and constructively in the public square and to build greater trust in others and institutions.

Maryland middle school students from public, private, charter and home schools are invited to take part in the first-round civics essay competition. After a distinguished panel reviews the 500-word essays, the top 10 students will be selected to move on to the final round of competition: a live quiz event to test their civics knowledge. The Maryland Chamber Foundation will host this event on Saturday, May 7th at Bowie State University. The finalists will receive fantastic prizes, including technology for all finalists and cash awards for the top three students.

“Getting our young people interested in civics and engaged in our democracy is critical for a prosperous, unified Maryland in the long-term,” said Whitney Harmel, executive director of the Maryland Chamber Foundation and executive vice president of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. “The National Civics Bee will help our students connect the dots between the role a citizen, like themselves, can play in civics and how they can use their voice to directly and constructively participate in the process of improving their communities. These students are our next generation of engaged and active citizens, and we have the opportunity to empower them to learn more about their government and important public issues.”

“Civic education is the cornerstone of a strong free market. We are so glad to have the Maryland Chamber Foundation committed to this work as a partner in our National Civics Bee,” said Carolyn Cawley, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. “These civics bees are cultivating the employees and colleagues of tomorrow, developing the civic engagement, community connection and problem-solving that will power the next generation of productive workplaces.”

The deadline for student essay submissions is March 29, 2022. For more information on the essay topic, competition rules and prizes, and to submit your essay, visit:

Read the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s press release here.


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