Maryland Competitiveness Coalition Holds Economic Summit

Maryland Competitiveness Coalition 2013 Economic Summit

The Maryland Competitiveness Coalition held an Economic Summit on September 6 to bring business leaders from across the state together to build consensus around how we can accelerate job growth and business investment in Maryland.

The Maryland Chamber formed this diverse, statewide coalition earlier this year, and representative from all 60 partners participated in the Summit, alongside legislative leaders, cabinet secretaries and gubernatorial candidates.

“Today is a unique opportunity to address our future in a collaborative way to unite the employer community statewide behind a new vision for Maryland that our Governor, the next Governor and the Maryland General Assembly can embrace,” said Maryland Chamber Chairman Thomas Graham, Vice President, People Strategy & Human Resources for Pepco Holdings, Inc. “We want to partner with them and make a difference. Your participation today starts the journey.”

The Coalition will take all of the ideas gathered during the summit and develop a bold vision and plan of action to make Maryland more competitive over the next few years. As the Coalition continues its work, we will keep members informed and seek your feedback on the various elements of the plan. The Maryland Chamber will use that action plan as the basis of its 2014 Business Agenda.

Special thanks to Kevin Manning and Sharon Markley of Stevenson University for their expert facilitation during the summit, and to our MACPA partners Tom Hood and Amy Stumme for introducing us to ThinkTank which helped document ideas and build consensus in an innovative and faster way. Also thank you to all of our sponsors, particularly IWIF/Chesapeake Employers Insurance Agency, as the overall summit sponsor and to Whiting Turner Contracting and Murthy Law Firm as coalition sponsors.

If you have any questions about the Maryland Competitiveness Coalition, contact Kathy Snyder at

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