Maryland nonprofits—everywhere you turn

By Montana Robertson

(May 17, 2018—BALTIMORE, Md.)  From after-school programs, to getting married, to senior assisted-living, and everything in between—nonprofit organizations span the cycle of life.

“Any given family probably interacts with multiple nonprofits as they go about their lives,” said CEO and President of Maryland Nonprofits Heather Iliff.

And these nonprofits exist with purpose in addition to their promise.

“All of the things that make life worth living happen in some way through nonprofits and with nonprofits,” said Iliff.

Maryland Nonprofits, a membership organization dedicated to nonprofits in the state, is focused on strengthening that sector. Its mission is to create a better quality of life in Maryland, enriching the community and seeding our economic climate.

“Nonprofits employ more than nine percent of Maryland’s workforce, so about one out of every 10 jobs is held by someone in a nonprofit,” Iliff noted.

Iliff celebrated this year as a historic one for Maryland Nonprofits, thanks to updates made to the state’s legislature, which included restored taxation breaks, access and availability of resources in areas of health, mental health, disabilities and child welfare.

Though it has been a successful year for nonprofits through advocacy, Iliff urges the business community to get involved as well.

“Businesses can get involved by serving on boards, by volunteering, and also by paying attention to who they are hiring and where they are purchasing,” she said. “It’s really important for businesses to see nonprofits as multi-dimensional partners in the community.”





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by Montana Robertson

Montana Robertson joined the Maryland Chamber of Commerce in 2018 as a communications intern. She is a recent graduate, with a masters in media studies.