MD Competitiveness Coalition Continues its Work

The Maryland Competitiveness Coalition met today at Anne Arundel Community College’s CyberCenter in Hanover. This broad based, statewide origination is developing a vision and action plan to strengthen Maryland’s competitive position as a global leader in technology, innovation, and private enterprise. 

During today’s meeting, members were joined by the Co-Chair of the House Speaker’s Business Climate Work Group Del. John Bohanan, Jr. Bohanan updated the group on the efforts of his work group and the joint business and economic development package that was recently introduced by the Senate President and Speaker of the House. Many of the elements of the package were developed by the work group, along with their Senate counterparts. 

He outlined the legislative package, which we described last week. One area that Bohanan was excited about was the private sector commission being established this year. It will be chaired by former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine. Its goal will be to make recommendations to improve Maryland’s economic prospects and global competitiveness. After meeting with business leaders from across the state, and examining what other states are doing, Bohanan is convinced that increased collaboration between the public and private sector is crucial to growing Maryland’s economy.  

“We really need to engage the private sector better. As I look around the country, no state government is doing it by itself, and in most cases the private sector isn’t doing it by themselves. It is where you get the synergy of the public and private sectors working together that you are able to get things done. It is a complex world, especially when you get into the technology economy. You can’t do it alone. You’ve got to have good public private partnerships,” Bohanan said.   

Later this year, Maryland will elect a new Governor, and every member of the Maryland General Assembly will be up for reelection. With change comes opportunity, and the Maryland Competitiveness Coalition working to bring employer, community and government leaders together to strengthen Maryland as a regional, national and global economic leader. We will post more updates from the Maryland Competitiveness Coalition in the coming months. To learn more about the coalition, watch the video below or click here

PHOTO: Maryland Competitiveness Coalition Co-Chair Bill Couper, Delegate John Bohanan, Coalition Co-Chair Bill Roberts and Chamber President Kathy Snyder 

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