2,000 ‘More Jobs for Marylanders,’ one year later

(August 16, 2018–ANNAPOLIS, Md.) It’s officially been one year since the launch of the More Jobs for Marylanders program, a cornerstone of Governor Larry Hogan’s 2017 Maryland Jobs Initiative that achieved nearly unanimous passage in both the House and Senate.

According to Governor Hogan, the program has done exactly what it was designed to do in its first year: attract and grow business, create jobs and put people to work.

“The More Jobs for Marylanders program has helped show manufacturers why Maryland is where they should grow and expand and has put us on track to add nearly 2,000 new jobs,” Maryland Commerce Secretary Mike Gill agreed.

2,000 jobs. This number is the exciting result of 124 companies that have indicated they plan to either locate in Maryland or expand within the state to benefit from the program, and 49 of which have already filed official enrollment applications.

What’s Next?

Earlier this week, Governor Hogan announced the expansion of this highly successful program.

“Now, with the expansion of More Jobs for Marylanders to five additional jurisdictions, our administration will continue to further our goal of bringing job and business growth to the areas that need it most,” he said.

To learn more about the ways in which this program is a tool for economic development across Maryland, check out Governor Hogan’s official press release.





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