NEWS BULLETIN: Mandatory paid leave

(April 4, 2017 – Annapolis, MD)–UPDATE: On Monday evening, the Senate voted to send its amended version of the mandatory paid leave bill back to the House for final approval before sending it to Gov. Larry Hogan’s desk.


(March 30, 2017 – Annapolis, MD)–We have every reason to believe that the Maryland legislature will send mandatory paid leave legislation to Gov. Larry Hogan’s desk in the coming days, and that lawmakers will override a promised veto.

 With last night’s Senate Finance Committee vote, there’s now a unified bill to force employers to provide paid time off even for those who work 12 hours a week for just 15 weeks out of the year, and there’s almost no chance it will change.

 Senator Jim Mathias of the Eastern Shore entered the motion to pass all of the amendments that unified the bills, and the committee voted 7 – 4 in favor. Here’s the breakdown:

YEA: Sens. Middleton, Astle, Benson, Feldman, Mathias, Oaks and Rosapepe
NAY: Sens. Hershey, Jennings, Klausmeier and Reilly

Here’s what the bill means:

15 or more employees:

Fewer than 15 employees:

 All employers:

After months of advocating on behalf of businesses and employees that will be hurt by this mandate, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs team has worked every possibility of killing the bill or blunting its effect on employers. We have asked for, and appreciated, your voice in this effort. If the result impacts you, make your voice heard again—this time, on the next Election Day.





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