Regional Transportation Funding Taskforce Holds 1st Meeting

On Friday, September 13, the Local and Regional Transportation Funding Task Force held its inaugural meeting to discuss alternative funding sources for local and regional transportation projects in the State. This meeting, the first of several over the next four months, brought insightful presentations from the Maryland Department of Legislative Services (DLS) and High Street Consulting Group on local transportation spending and a national overview of local and regional funding alternatives.

DLS’ presentation focused on the State and Local governments’ transportation responsibilities, the State’s previous and current role in local transportation, as well as local funding sources to date. While, High Street Consulting Group’s presented a broad overview on various States’ approaches to funding local and regional highway and transit projects. Each presenter highlighted the fact that finding alternative and sustainable funding sources for local initiatives will be challenging because no two regions or localities operate the same way. Whichever funding approach is chosen, it will need to be unique and germane to that region or locality.

The Maryland Chamber will continue to update its members on the Task Force activities and progress throughout the fall. In the meantime, you can visit the Maryland Department of Transportation’s website for more information and updates on meeting schedule, presentations, etc.

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