Maryland Small Business
Fundamental Principles

Protecting the small businesses that drive our economy forward.

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Small businesses are innovating, employing and improving our communities every day. Our elected leaders must ensure that founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners operate in an environment where they can:


1) Hire and Manage Employees

Government should not unduly burden a small business’s ability to establish their own employment policies nor interfere with their ability to fairly compete for talent, including using independent contractors and part-time workers.

2) Control Over Daily Business Operations

Small business owners should be free to manage their business operations without unnecessary and onerous government intervention.

3) Reduce the Cost of Doing Business

Small business owners should enjoy a tax climate that is competitive, attracts and retains businesses and top talent, and encourages investment in Maryland’s economy.

4) Eliminate Burdensome Regulations

Small business owners are key stakeholders in the development of regulations and laws impacting their industry and daily business activities. State government should seek the feedback and counsel of the business community during the regulatory and legislative process while striving to allow market force principles to work in the state’s economy.

5) Foster Workforce Development

Maryland’s small businesses should have access to a top-tier workforce as a product of an educational and vocational ecosystem focused on developing, retaining, and attracting a more globally competitive workforce.

6) Protection from Frivolous Lawsuits

Small businesses in Maryland should have the right to operate without fear of profit-based litigation that uses the threat of lawsuits to extort payments.

Show Your Support for Maryland’s Small Businesses

Maryland’s employers are leading the way in innovating, employing, and improving communities across the State.

Sign on to these principles and show your support for Maryland’s small businesses. Whether it’s training the workforce of tomorrow or cutting regulatory red tape, our small business community needs your help to make sure their voices are heard and our communities are served.

Sign the Maryland Small Business Fundamentals Pledge

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