The future of workforce development in Maryland

Being pro-business and pro-jobs does not just mean advocating for competitive tax structures and fighting against increased regulations—it also means advocating for education, especially education that leads students to high-skilled, high-wage jobs.

In addition to supporting education and business partnerships, such as P-TECH, second chance initiatives and exploring the possibility of bringing teacher externships to the State of Maryland, the Maryland Chamber Foundation has found there are other existing programs that have the opportunity to be strengthened like CTE programs and Apprenticeship Maryland.

CTE Programs

Recently, the Foundation President & CEO, Christine Ross, visited Carroll County Career and Tech Center, to see what a successful local Career and Technology Education program looks like. This isn’t your parents’ Career and Technology Education program, this is a CTE program of the future, teaching excited students hands on skills.

It has over 850 students from all seven Carroll County high schools. Whether students look to prepare to enter the workforce or continue to college, they receive a firsthand approach with industry standard equipment and are able to earn certifications in most programs. On average, students receive four college credits at completion of the program.

A few schools partner with CCCTC including Rochester Institute of Technology, Carroll Community College, Stevenson University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, UMBC and Northwestern Ohio. Many Maryland businesses donate their old equipment so students can use the actual equipment they would use in the field. If you have equipment to donate to a school in your area, let us know.

Programs offered include:

This program has seen impressive growth for CCCTC since its inception in 1971. With the right partnerships and educators, these programs have the ability to thrive throughout the state. Imagine the progress if each county fostered education and workforce development for its students with programs like this?

This program needs more businesses in Maryland to partner and take on students. Contact us if you are interested. To learn more about CCCTC head to their website.

Apprenticeship Maryland

The Apprenticeship Maryland pilot program was offered in Frederick County through a partnership between:

The pilot, Linking Youth to New Experience, or LYNX, program, was offered at Frederick High School. LYNX offers students engagement with over 65 local businesses, the community and higher education through tours, field trips, networking experiences, job shadowing, sponsored internships, apprenticeships and work-study opportunities. Local businesses who participate help develop and train the future workforce and equip students with the skills they need to succeed.

The Maryland Chamber and the Foundation support the efforts being made to expand this apprenticeship model throughout the state and have worked with MSDE to provide funding options so students have more choices when it comes to their futures.

To learn more about these models, join the 2018 Business Policy Conference on September 20th for the “Reinventing the education pipeline: workforce development that works” panel.





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