The time for modernized infrastructure is now

Blog post by Andrew Griffin

Andrew Griffin is the senior vice president of government affairs at the Maryland Chamber and leads advocacy efforts on behalf of the 5,500+ members of the Chamber before the Maryland General Assembly and on a federal level. He develops, leads and executes the legislative strategy of the organization and maintains the Chamber’s positive working relationships with key elected officials and members of the administration to build a better understanding of and appreciation for business issues.



Our nation’s infrastructure provides us the fundamental elements needed for quality of life while allowing our businesses to thrive. A strong infrastructure is crucial for our nation’s growth and to foster a productive economy with a healthy supply chain. That is why the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act President Biden is signing into law today is such a win for every American, and especially for Marylanders.

The bill is the largest investment in physical infrastructure in history, and addresses our basic needs – clean drinking water, waste disposal, safe roads and bridges, reliable power and internet. Among all 50 states, Maryland ranks 38th in infrastructure according to U.S. News and World Report, making the timing of this bill’s passage so critical for our state.

Maryland will receive as much as $6 billion to specifically address critical issues, including:

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has applauded the bipartisan effort. “This bipartisan bill will put America’s infrastructure on the right track to grow jobs and make our economy competitive for the twenty-first century without raising taxes or adding to the debt,” said Hogan.

Hogan is right, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is good for Marylanders, supportive of our businesses and is fiscally responsible. According to a study by Penn Wharton, the spending in this bill will lead to a decrease in the national deficit over the next 30 years. As companies earn projects and as workers gain well-paying jobs financed by this bill, paychecks are earned and money is reinvested into the economy.

Additionally, inflation is not expected to rise with this bill. Better roads, bridges, ports, airports and railways will allow businesses to operate and transport goods more efficiently, which would ultimately result in customer savings.

$1.2 trillion is a massive investment that should be heavily scrutinized and fully vetted. After investigation, the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has passed muster and is hitting our economy at the exact right time as we work to recover from the pandemic and strive for a new phase of growth and prosperity for America.

Thank you to all our members of the House and Senate, especially in our Maryland delegation, who voted to pass the bill and put America’s future first. It is a truly historic win for all Americans and an important step forward in our nation’s recovery.

Questions? Contact us at or (410) 269-0642.

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