Two efforts to delay HB 1

As the Senate Finance Committee members deliberate on Wednesday’s hastily scheduled hearing to delay HB 1 enforcement, the GA team is lobbying House members for support on a July 1 effective date.

These are separate initiatives. The emergency bill heard Wednesday would delay enforcement. We are advocating a delay in the entire bill’s effective date.  If neither effort passes, HB1 will require full compliance and provide for immediate complaint, investigation and penalty on February 11.

We weren’t the only group asking for this delay in the effective date. Other business representatives agreed that employers need more time to ensure compliance and avoid potential mistakes during implementation.


Keeping you connected


The Government Affairs team has begun bi-weekly session update conference calls. These are member-exclusive updates that give you a chance to hear directly from us and ask questions. The next call will be in two weeks, on Monday, Feb. 12. Members can log in to download the participation link. In the meantime, we will be attending Gov. Larry Hogan’s State of the State address tomorrow and will share our read on its implications.

Separate from legislative initiatives, the Maryland Chamber will begin hosting its newly established advisory groups. These advisory groups, meeting quarterly, will cover human relations, telecommunications and rural/agricultural issues, sharing expertise and insights. This is another resource for members to stay connected on issues affecting their industries in Maryland and around the nation. If you are interested in joining one of these specific-interest advisory groups, let us know.

And, as always, talk with us about how legislation affects you, your business and your staff, so we can be more effective advocates for you.






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